HackFSU 5: Dare to be bold

5 Years Strong. A PLACE TO CREATE

At hackathons, you have the ability to build on any idea you can come up with. Web design, frontend/backend development, iOS and Android apps, hardware hacks, and server management are just a few of the possibilities!


Workshops, tech talks, and access to mentors allows both beginning and experienced students to learn new technologies. Head over to our sponsor tables and find out about potential internship and career opportunities!


Working alongside equally passionate people allows you to become encouraged to keep building and learning. You’ll be amazed what you can accomplish as a team.

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HackFSU Judging Team

HackFSU Judging Team

Judging Criteria

  • Presentation
    Overall design and presentation of the final product. Expo performance and style both fall into this category.
  • Technical Difficulty
    How challenging is the product on a technical level?
  • Creativity
    How original is the product? Did the team go out of their way to make their project unique?
  • Effort
    Did this team go above and beyond? If there was an opportunity to expand on the project did the team take it?
  • Completeness
    How finished is the product? Is there a complete and functioning demo?